How to safely pakage blood samples for shipping

Hemolyzed blood and blood tubes breakage are the two problems that many laboratory techs keep complaining about. It is not easy to get another tube of blood from patients because some bloodwork requires the patients to fast at least 8-10 hours and be well hydrated.

Also, there are some complicated cases like rolling veins, deep veins, small veins, and trypanophobia or the fear of needles, so they will not be excited to redraw blood again. Even if the blood tubes didn’t break while traveling, they can be jarring or exposure to extreme temperatures that rupture the erythrocyte cell membranes, releasing hemoglobin and flooding the sample with potassium and cause invalid reading.

There is a new way to package your blood sample safely to avoid explaining why the patients need to come back to redraw their blood. By adding an ice pack into a kangaroo mailer, an inflated envelope, you will tightly package your sample. Depending on how many blood tubes you can to send at once, you can choose between 2 sizes available: 9×11″ or 12×14″. Here is a video showing you all the steps to correctly package your blood samples.


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