Over 20 years ago BioSafe Supplies was established as a provider and manufacturer of Pathology Kits. Since it’s conception it has grown into a leader in the Laboratory Supply Industry now offering dozens of major product categories. We partnered with major suppliers in the Central Florida area offering wholesale pricing that we extend to you.  Technology is amazing. It’s still a modern wonder that we can connect through not only phone calls but text messages, online conference calls, chat bots and emails. These communication platforms have made the world smaller in incomprehensible ways.  But we are grateful we can hop in a car and still be there for clients at a moment’s notice. We build solutions face to face- a relationship connection often missed in today’s busy world. Our face-to-face relationships are at the center of everything we do.   It is what drives us to negotiate the best price for shipping, lab supplies and bridge this over to our customer as we would with our family member.