VACUETTE Innovation in Safety

Venipuncture is the process of accessing blood through directly puncturing veins. As medical laboratory scientists and practitioners, taking blood through the venous method is standard while conducting blood analysis. Greiner Bio-One has taken the standard for Venipuncture and raised the bar. The VACUETTE Safety Blood Collection Set by Greiner Bio-One International has set a new standard for the industry with its innovation. Featuring a simple in-vein safety mechanism which you can activate as blood is taken and a release once the blood sample is taken. View demonstration:
Among other innovations by Greiner Bio-One is the Vacuette Quickshield Safety Tube Holder partnered with the VACUETTE VISIO PLUS Needle. In contrast, this pair makes blood collection easier. It features a flashback window that indicates when the users vein has been successfully penetrated. View demonstration: