Our Strong Partnerships Saves our Customer Money

Strong partnerships with both supplier and laboratory distributors ensure that we continuously provide our customers’ savings. Regular communication with our clients allows to know and understand our customers’ needs.   Based on this information we make meaningful national connections within the laboratory industry which in turn our clients benefit from.
  • “right-size” most physician practices are forced to buy in volume which far exceeds their testing needs.
  • BioSafe Supplies will only ship you what you need because we will track the number of products you use and its frequency.
Engaging our analytics team and leveraging their expertise in evaluation pricing provides us with the best possible data as well as delivering the value our clients expect from us.
  • Many lab professionals are challenged with a lack of ability to verify pricing accuracy on their purchases. We use software to identify and resolve pricing variances as quickly as possible which in turn can help reduce costs.
Being open and willing to consider new products and services and present them to our clients for their evaluation and feedback is what drives our business forward. Along with having strong partnerships with suppliers, we focus a great deal on managing our shipping costs. Please contact our reps at BioSafe Supplies so we can share with you the value-driven approach and services.