Five Ways to Protect Yourself From the Spread of Infection

Are you concerned with the rapid spreading of germs when you are out in public? Have you been taking extra precaution to wash your hands, sanitize surfaces, and wear your PPE? Practicing proper cleaning and hygiene routines will slow the spread of infectious diseases, like the flu and COVID-19. Because infectious diseases can rapidly spread through the community, you need to be aware of how you can properly disinfect surfaces, implementing proper hygiene practices, and supplying your employees with PPE supplies in Orlando. There are a few ways you can protect yourself from the spread of infection.

Thoroughly Clean Surfaces

You should properly sanitize high-touch surfaces to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in your workplace or public area. flu viruses are fragile, which makes cleaning and disinfecting practices successful in lowering their rate of infection and spreading throughout your community.

Read the Directions on Your Cleaning Products

By reading the directions on your cleaning products, you can ensure the proper application and practice of cleaning and sanitizing surfaces in your public areas. You will want to be sure that the label specifically states that the EPA has approved your cleaning product for protection against the Influenza A virus. If it is not clearly stated on the label, we recommend that you purchase cleaning products with this message on the label.

Routinely Clean Everyday Essentials

To further protect you and your loved ones from contracting the flu, you will want to routinely clean your utensils and other frequently used or touched materials in your home. Wash your sheets and other linens in hot water with laundry soap that will kill germs. This will kill the germs that are present in your home. You’ll also want to repeatedly disinfect, or kill germs, and then clean, or remove germs, from high touch surfaces in your home. Cleaning your kitchen counters, bathroom, doorknobs, and remotes should be done multiple times throughout the day.

Wear Your PPE

Another line of defense against the spread of viruses and germs is by wearing PPE. Masks and gloves can prevent the spread of diseases that require skin-to-skin contact, rubbing your eyes, and being in close contact with us. PPE acts as a protective barrier that will protect you and those that come in contact with you on a daily basis.

Dispose of Waste

Waste removal should be done in a quick and confined manner. This means that when you are dealing with waste,y ou should take care of all the waste at the same time, and then you should immediately wash your hands. You should also clean and disinfect any areas that you’ve touched along the way. Always avoid touching dirty tissues, used napkins, or other trash that is left out.

These are a few important tips that you want to implement into your everyday life to prevent the spread of germs and infectious diseases like the flu. If you are looking to keep your customers and staff safe, you should consider purchasing PPE supplies in Orlando. Our quality supplies will keep everyone safe and healthy during this time. Contact us to hear about all of the supplies we offer today.