Five Surprising Jobs that Require PPE Equipment

The term PPE is now a household phrase that is easily recognized. Everyone has some PPE so that they can stay protected during the times of COVID-19. However, many people may not realize that PPE has always been a common term for many different careers. There are people that work in dangerous environments or with hazardous materials that need to wear PPE supplies in Orlando to stay protected on the job. From nurses to surgeons to contractors, there are a range of careers that many people know about. However, let’s take a look at some of the surprising jobs that require PPE to be worn.


Chefs work with extremely hot temperatures, so they usually wear a white protective jacket to keep them safe from the heat. From wearing gloves to wearing hats or nets over their hair, they have to protect themselves and keep the food safe while they are preparing meals.

Baggage Handlers

Those who lift heavy equipment, like baggage, should also protect themselves with PPE. Whenever baggage handlers lift, carry, and transport heavy pieces of luggage from one part of the airport to another, they are exerting physical energy that requires extra protection. They also need suitable grip for wet or slippery surfaces, so they will need to wear protective gloves. Also, they wear knee pads, safe footwear, and ear protection.

Nail Manicurists

It may seem surprising to think about how nail manicurists need to wear PPE, but it is true. These individuals are subject to many different toxic fumes throughout their workday, so many of these professionals choose to wear respirators or masks. This will protect them from breathing in dangerous chemicals that can have lasting respiratory effects.

Professional Window Cleaners

Many window cleaners won’t need to wear PPE, but those that scale large skyscrapers should always wear extra protective gear to keep themselves safe. This includes wearing a safety harness, protective gloves with grips, and weather-appropriate clothing. Their job has a high-risk to it, and they will need to take precautions in order to stay safe while scaling the outsides of tall buildings.

Event Crew

Those that work in crowd control at large events or gatherings are surprisingly among the professons that require PPE. These events may include concerts or loud gatherings, which require the crew to wear ear protection. Also, they will likely wear a uniform that stands out from the crowd, which is typically considered Hi-Vis clothing.

These are some of the surprising jobs that require PPE to be worn on the job. These PPE supplies in Orlando provide many different careers with the right equipment to keep them safe when they are working with dangerous materials or hazardous substances. If you work in a career that requires PPE, you will want to trust the best to get your supplies. Contact us to hear about our stock of PPE supplies today.