Four Reasons PPE Supplies are Important to Slow the Spread of Coronavirus

It’s 2020, which means that you’re likely familiar with term PPE. Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, used to only be worn by certain professions that were at risk for contracting diseases or infections while in the workplace. These individuals dealt with toxic fumes or sick patients. However, now we are all familiar with the term PPE supplies in Orlando because of the presence of coronavirus. This year, we have been mandated and requested to wear different types of PPE to protect ourselves and others when we are out in the world. There are a few reasons why PPE has been so important to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Face Masks

By now, many of us have graduated from the regular blue surgical face masks to ones with fancy designs and bright colors. Face masks have become the essential PPE that protects others from our germs. Because COVID-19 is a respiratory disease, it is spread through drops of saliva that pass from one person to another. Wearing face masks decreases our chances of spreading these germs to another person, as our mouths and noses are covered. Face masks protect others from breathing in these droplets and getting sick themselves.


Many people wear gloves to protect themselves from touching surfaces that may have live coronavirus on it. It is believed that the virus can stay active for a few hours on surfaces, and this can leave you susceptible to picking it up when you touch surfaces at work or at the store. When you wear gloves, you can quickly dispose of them each time you leave somewhere so that you decrease the chances of spreading these germs.

Face Shields

Face shields are other pieces of PPE that are worn by many medical professionals, hair stylists, and sales reps. When someone is in constant contact with many different people all day long, they may consider wearing a face shield and a face mask to provide them with additional protection. This will prevent people, who maybe aren’t wearing a mask themselves, from infecting them with their saliva when they speak.


Most people do not wear gowns on a daily basis, but medical professionals that work in busy hospital settings or crowded medical facilities may choose to wear gowns to protect their clothing from virus exposure. These individuals are more likely to come in contact with someone who could expose them to the coronavirus, so they want to upgrade their level of PPE by wearing as much protective gear as they can. Gowns will prevent them from taking home germs on their clothes.

These are some of the reasons why PPE is critical in helping us slow the spread of the coronavirus. Each time we leave the house, we must remember to grab our face masks, gloves, and other PPE supplies in Orlando that will keep our community safe. Contact us if you want to hear about our PPE supplies and manufacturing today.