Four Steps to Wash and Sanitize Your Face Mask in 2021

Keys. Wallet. Phone. Face Mask. These are some of the essentials that we have to remember to bring each time we leave the house. Medical professionals are no strangers to using face masks on a daily basis, but now they are more important than ever. Caring for our face masks and other PPE supplies in Orlando can help prolong their lifespan, increase their effectiveness, and spare our health. When it comes time to properly treat and care for your face mask, you will want to follow these important steps to wash and sanitize them the right way.

Throw It in the Laundry

Face masks that are made from fabrics, like cotton, can be thrown in the laundry. Be sure to use hot water and laundry detergent. When you dry your face masks, put your dryer on the highest heat center and let them tumble dry. If you are sensitive to fragrance, use a non-fragrant detergent, since these masks will be covering your nose.

Throw It Away

If you have a disposable mask, like the blue surgical masks, you will want throw these away after each use. These masks are not meant to be laundered or cleaned. Many people do not have the technology to thoroughly sanitize these on their own, so it is best that they are thrown away, especially if they are damaged or soiled.

Hand Wash It

You may also hand-wash masks that are made from fabrics by using hot, soapy water. You should scrub your mask for at least 20 seconds in the hot water to ensure that each part of your mask is thoroughly cleaned. After scrubbing, rinse the mask. To dry, place it in the dryer on a high heat setting.

Sterilize It

Those that work in healthcare settings need to take a few extra precautions to ensure your face masks are completely effective, as your risk is much higher when you work closely with sick patients. Many hospitals and medical facilities may have access to sterilization devices that remove pathogens from face masks and other PPE quickly and effectively. There are many types of UV sterilization equipment options for those that have access to this type of equipment in their facility. Often times, you can leave the face masks either inside the sterilizer or underneath a bright UV light for a certain amount of time. This will result in a fully sterilized and clean face mask for reuse.

These are a few of the steps you’ll want to take when you need to clean, wash, or sanitize your face mask. Whether you work with sick patients or you simply want to stay protected while running errands, you want effective PPE supplies in Orlando to keep you safe. Contact BioSafe Supplies to hear more about our protective supplies and equipment for your facility today.