Three Types of Medical Gloves

Working in the medical industry requires you to wear many pairs of gloves throughout the workday.  Medical professionals actually change their gloves dozens of times in just one shift.  These gloves are one of the most important and utilized protective equipment that constantly needs to be restocked in medical facilities.  As a company that offers PPE supplies in Orlando, we understand the importance of using the right gloves at your job.  There are a few different types of medical gloves to choose from.

Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are both durable and comfortable, which leads them to be one of the most popular glove materials.  Latex offers durability, strength, sensitivity to the touch, and an excellent fit.  In fact, many surgeons prefer to use latex gloves for these reasons.   However, if you’ve ever visited a health care facility, they will likely ask you if you are allergic to latex.  Because of the presence of many latex allergies, many facilities have been pushing for latex-free options, despite all the benefits of this material.  Some healthcare workers have even complained about skin irritations when they wear latex gloves.

Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are another popular option because they are both durable and latex-free.  These gloves are also cost-effective, which is beneficial for medical facilities that need to stick to a strict budget.  Over time, vinyl gloves have been improved to become much stronger, more flexible, sensitive, and comfortable.  These gloves are slightly less tactile and less durable than latex gloves, but they are a cost-effective alternative for those who have allergies.  They also offer the standard amount of protection to keep your medical professionals safe when they are performing patient procedures.  Vinyl gloves, like latex gloves, are used as basic exam gloves by nurses, practitioners, doctors, and technicians.

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are the most durable and strong of the three types of glove materials.   These gloves are often used when dealing with traumas, emergency room concerns, and heavy-duty, hazardous chemicals.  Because they offer an extreme level of protection, they are popular in medical labs and other facilities that handle toxic chemicals.  These gloves are superior in strength, as they are stronger than both latex and vinyl.  They are puncture resistant, latex-free, and chemical resistant.  Although they have all these benefits, they are also the most expensive type of glove that is offered.  Many facilities still keep these in their supply rooms for particular instances to enhance the protection of their staff.

These are just some of the types of medical gloves that you can choose from when you need to increase the supply of your facility.  When you are looking for quality PPE supplies in Orlando, you will want to trust the best in the business.   Contact the professionals at BioSafe Supplies to hear about our PPE supply selections today.