Five Tips to Stay Healthy and Safe Working in a Medical Setting

Now more than ever, health and safety has been a priority in the workplace. This has always been the case for health care workers and diagnostic laboratory technicians, but it is stressed much more these days. To stay healthy and safe at work, you need to be mindful of everyday habits and proper protocols to follow. These are a few tips to help you stay safe and healthy when you are working a medical setting.

Follow Proper Hygiene Protocol

When you are working closely with specimens, blood samples, bacteria, and other microorganisms daily, you need to practice exceptional hygiene. Many health care workers also encounter blood samples from their specimen, which exposes them to bloodborne specimens. By practicing good hygiene, they can defend themselves against these risks. It is important to practice thorough and frequent hand washing, use antiseptic after contact with patients, and decontaminating instruments between patients.

Prevent Needle-Poking Hazards

Health care workers also need to protect themselves against needle-poking injuries. They are required to use many scalpels, needles, and injections to help their patients, but this requires certain safety protocols to avoid pricking injuries. It also requires health care workers to understand the proper removal methods. Dispose any syringes immediately into their bins after use, pass sharp instruments in bins, and use disposable gloves.

Handle Chemicals Properly

Many chemicals that health care workers encounter daily can have lasting negative health effects. These chemicals can cause cancer, neurological diseases, reproductive issues, asthma, and much more. To prevent the exposure to these chemicals, it is important to stay informed about the proper handling and use. Wear gloves and other protective equipment and attend frequent trainings to stay up to date on these methods.

Wear PPE

Although the pandemic has caused the rise in PPE usage, medical professionals have been wearing this gear forever. Masks, gloves, hats, gowns, and booties are great for the medical community to prevent their exposure and contamination during procedures. Masks prevent the spread of respiratory diseases spread through the air, and gloves prevent contamination of the hands. PPE and laboratory supplies in Orlando should be kept fully stocked to keep medical professionals safe at work at all times.

Clean Properly

Health care facilities need to reuse certain supplies throughout the day. Because of this, they need to also properly sterilize and disinfect all these instruments and supplies before reuse on another patient. When you are cleaning supplies, washing your hands, or practicing good hygiene, you need to be mindful of the best practices to remove as many germs or bacteria as possible. Not only will this keep you healthy, but it will also prevent cross-contamination.

These are a few tips to follow when you want to stay safe and healthy working in a medical setting. Protective equipment is also critical in preventing the spread of illnesses throughout the workplace. If you are in need of quality laboratory supplies in Orlando, contact BioSafe Supplies to hear more today.