Four Ways to Manage PPE Supplies and Compliance in the Workplace

With the everchanging regulations set out by the CDC, it is important that you keep PPE readily available to both your employees and your customers. When you work in closed, indoor spaces, you will also need to monitor your employees to ensure they are following proper protocols. Wearing their PPE is not a suggestion in many work environments, btu this also requires awareness and education. These are a few ways that business managers can manage PPE and compliance with PPE guidelines in the workplace.

Lead by Example

As a business manager, you need to show your employees the expectations in the workplace by practicing them yourself first. When you lead by example, your employees will be more likely to value your dedication to the job and they will be more likely to follow. If you set rules that you do not follow yourself, you may create an environment of distrust, and this can only cause issues later. If you want employees to wear a mask, you should also show up to work in a mask each day.

Offer Incentives

To encourage your employees to wear PPE, you can also provide incentives for their participation. In the times when wearing a mask is not required for vaccinated individuals, but it is still recommended in small spaces, you can consider a way to show your support for those who continue to wear masks. Offer work-from-home incentives to keep some people out of the office and lower your numbers indoors or consider ways to make the work environment more enjoyable and less stressful during these times.

Buy Bulk Supplies

To keep people accountable about wearing their PPE, you may want to keep a bulk number of supplies in the office. Offer your employees PPE supplies when they are at work so that they do not have to acquire their own. When you set forth a new health initiative, you need to show that your business can sustain and support it. Keep masks, gloves, sanitizer, and other necessary health supplies in the office so it is readily available for your employees each day.

Standardize Rules

It may seem confusing to go back and forth about your PPE protocols in the office. As we take our information from the CDC guidelines, we can expect things to change as the pandemic ebbs and flows. However, this may be confusing or discouraging to employees. Are you working in the office? Are you required to wear masks? These questions need to be clearly answered and followed. Try to standardize these protocols so that the entire business is on the same page.

These are a few ways to manage PPE supplies and compliance in your workplace. When you operate a business during the pandemic, you need to take the extra steps to keep everyone safe and healthy. This may involve monitoring the use of PPE supplies in Orlando to inspect whether your employees are following proper protocols. Contact BioSafe Supplies to hear about our inventory of supplies for your business needs today.