5 Tips for Choosing the Right Medical Shipping Services

If you work in the medical industry, you understand the importance of having medical shipping services you can trust. Patients, pharmacies, medical clinics, and hospitals need to have their prescriptions, equipment, and supplies arrive quickly and safely. Here are tips for finding the best medical shipping services:

Temperature-sensitive delivery capability

You must keep some equipment and medication within a specific temperature range to be safe and effective in the medical industry. This requirement makes it essential to use shipping services equipped with temperature control capabilities. Some of these items demand freezing temperatures, others refrigeration, and others must be kept at room temperature. Equipment and prescriptions can be rendered useless without proper temperature control.

Delivery on nights and weekends

The best medical shipping services offer day and night delivery. Medical professionals and patients may have busy schedules or urgent demands that require shipping flexibility. Shipping services providing night and weekend or 24-hour delivery ensure that medical professionals and patients receive what they need no matter when they need it.

Tracking services

A medical shipping service offering tracking capabilities is more reliable and trustworthy than one that doesn’t. Most shipping services provide shipment tracking for you to follow your shipment from the moment you order until it arrives in your possession. This makes it easy for patients and medical professionals to track deliveries and plan their activities around the estimated delivery schedule for convenience.

Timely deliveries

Like any other delivery service, you expect your medical shipping service to provide timely delivery of essential supplies. Delivering prescriptions late may have catastrophic consequences for a patient whose survival depends on taking their medications on schedule. In addition, items like wheelchairs and oxygen should never arrive late.


It is vital to trust your medical shipping service to deliver prescriptions and equipment as directed. Be sure that the company does extensive background checks on their staff and that they always have identification, so your patients and staff know who they are. Branded delivery vehicles and branded clothing are a professional way to ensure safety and build trust with your shipping service representatives.

Additional considerations

If you need a trustworthy medical shipping provider, their expertise and experience matter. Always ensure that the company you partner with has a proven industry track record. Secure storage is also essential, so only work with services that have secure warehouses to secure medications and equipment. Try to find services that offer same-day delivery for urgent situations. This pays off when you need to quickly resolve a mistake or provide urgent care for a patient. In addition, looking for a company with responsive customer care reduces frustrations and stress when you need help quickly to resolve an issue.

Use these tips to help you find the best medical shipping service to fit your needs. Never settle for less than what you need and deserve from your shipping professionals. Contact us today to learn more about our medical shipping services. We are here for you!