5 Tips to Become a Successful Lab Tech

Are you considering a career as a lab technician? Are you interested in lab testing, science, and other emerging technologies? If so, then a lab tech career may be a perfect fit for you. However, besides fulfilling the educational requirements for becoming a lab technician, there is much more to know about this unique career. Our medical laboratory supplies experts suggest these tips for becoming a successful lab tech:

Be flexible

It is essential to be flexible in a lab environment, as you will likely work in various departments and facilities around different types of people. Lab techs are often asked to work extended shifts to meet strict deadlines and vary their shifts or workdays to meet lab demands. Your lab might also get emergency requests that make you change your work priorities at any time. If you are willing to stay flexible and see the changes as an opportunity to learn, you will successfully tackle even the most stressful challenges.

Communicate well

Lab techs typically work closely with medical staff and other technicians. Effective writing, listening, and speaking skills are critical to accurately documenting and recording test data, communicating with patients and medical personnel, conveying test results and other discoveries, and explaining and comprehending procedures. The lab setting demands good communication to remain effective and productive.

Stay organized

You will assist with lab tests at workstations. Good organization allows you to ensure that documentation, specimens, and paperwork are appropriately processed, prioritized, and completed. A messy workspace can create chaos and result in test result errors and severe mistakes. Disorganized lab benches may also lead to safety hazards leading to accidents or injuries.

Be fluent in technology

Lab techs perform tests that require advanced technical proficiency. Failure to understand and adapt to emerging technology means you can’t perform tests, obtain valuable data, and document and report essential test results. You will use various technology throughout your daily work, like laboratory information management systems, electronic medical record software, computer software and hardware, and computers. In addition, there is a variety of technologically advanced equipment and tools utilized in the lab space that you will need to learn to operate successfully.

Be knowledgeable

You have to be knowledgeable to work as a lab tech. Your daily routine demands successfully receiving, processing, and analyzing samples. These samples might include potentially dangerous chemical products, soil, water, air, and delicate human fluid or tissue. Therefore, it is essential to be a continuous learner and exhibit knowledge in many areas, including health and safety protocols, physics, microbiology, biochemistry, biology, and chemistry. Without thirst for knowledge and commitment to continuous education, you will likely fail in producing high-quality, reliable test results and succeed at the various demands of your position.

Use these tips to determine whether a lab tech career might be the right fit for your future. Then, if you like how it sounds, explore the educational requirements and get ready for an exciting, challenging, and rewarding career alongside other laboratory professionals. And if you need medical laboratory supplies, give us a call now. We are here to support your lab with unmatched commitment and quality.