Three Reasons to Outsource Medical Fulfillment Services

The eCommerce and medical fulfillment markets are currently growing rapidly, so naturally, many companies are merging the two and seeing incredible results. In October 2019, the FDA declared supervising more than 6,500 different medical product classifications, with about 35 percent of medical products in the United States being imported. With that said, FDA compliance is a massive priority for medical product brands, and many turn to medical fulfillment service providers to satisfy their product orders. However, before we explain the reasons to outsource your medical fulfillment, let’s examine what it means to be an FDA-registered fulfillment service:

What is an FDA-registered fulfillment center?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is an agency in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services whose purpose is to safeguard public health by securing the safety, efficacy, and protection of products planned for human use. Companies shipping products intended for human use are mandated by law to register with the FDA or partner with a fulfillment services provider that is. FDA-registered fulfillment services observe specific procedures and are routinely checked to preserve the safety of the handled products. Here at BioSafe Supplies LLC, we are proud to share that our fulfillment partners are FDA-registered to satisfy medical products. So we can manage the packing, inventory management, and shipping of medical products.

Why outsource medical fulfillment services?

If you’re weighing your options on whether to go the self-fulfillment route versus partnering with a leading medical fulfillment services provider for your medical product fulfillment, consider these three reasons to outsource:

  • FDA-registered medical fulfillment centers know how to work with particular products.
  • You’re likely not a fulfillment specialist, but the crew at an FDA-registered fulfillment service is.
  • Failing to employ an FDA-registered warehouse can lead to serious consequences.

Now let’s dive deeper into these grounds for outsourcing medical product fulfillment. First, medical fulfillment services know how to handle specific products. When outsourcing your medical fulfillment services to an FDA-registered provider, you can rest assured that the establishments are clean and well-equipped to manage various products.

You may not be a fulfillment expert, but our team is.

As an entrepreneur or business leader, your expertise is probably not in fulfillment. In addition to everything else you have to worry about, do you want to make the time to become a fulfillment specialist? When your partner with our company, you can concentrate on other duties while confidently knowing that your orders are being adequately fulfilled by a team of professionals.

Failure to register your warehouse has severe consequences.

If your company ships medical products and you choose to go the self-fulfillment course, you must register your warehouse or fulfillment center with the FDA. The failure to register with the FDA and observe its regulations can result in expensive fines of up to $500,000 and business license suspension.

If this seems like more than you want to take on as a business owner, outsourcing your medical fulfillment services is likely your best option. A leading fulfillment services business experienced in shipping medical supplies can ensure that all guidelines are observed to keep your products in top-excellent shape.