Five Considerations for Lab Equipment Purchasing

Buying laboratory supplies is one of the most significant acquisitions your laboratory makes. Therefore, you must consider numerous purchase elements to maximize your return on investment. Our experts on laboratory supplies compiled a list of critical things to consider when selecting the best laboratory supplies to suit your demands.


When you are interested in purchasing laboratory supplies, you will want the supplies furnished promptly. Often companies will import laboratory equipment from overseas, and out-of-stock items may take as long as ten weeks for delivery. Therefore, look for products that are stocked and available for prompt delivery. If supply isn’t available, make certain your potential supplier quotes a lead time to compare the cost with the connected lead time to decide if you can compromise on lead time for a more reasonable price or vice versa.

After Sales Support

It is usually a good idea to ask suppliers what type of after-sales support they deliver. If anything were to go awry or you require help operating the equipment, it is excellent to know that you can grab the phone and obtain quick support with your question.


Warranty is super vital when evaluating a piece of laboratory equipment. However, warranties differ dramatically between factories, and the type of warranty help you obtain can also vary. Here are a few questions to ask when examining potential warranties:

  • How lengthy is the warranty period?
  • What voids the guarantee?
  • Who do I reach to make a warranty claim?
  • What is the guarantee process?
  • Is there an extended warranty opportunity?


Will your equipment demand routine servicing? If so, will it be completed by internal maintenance employees, or do you need a more specialized technician? Some manufacturers have authorized service technicians located across America. Your supplier can assist you with sourcing these technicians to organize servicing of your equipment. Also, be sure you look into the servicing provisions concerning the warranty. In some circumstances, the warranty is invalid if an authorized service technician hasn’t serviced the equipment at set standards.


Usage is a frequently overlooked element but should be evaluated in the determination process. Regularly used equipment means quality and dependability are much more significant for you than somebody who operates the equipment a few times per year. Therefore, account for your use and buy accordingly. The more elevated the use, the more performance and dependability are of added value.

It can indeed become a daunting undertaking when attempting to determine the proper laboratory equipment. Hopefully, these six deliberations will allow you to streamline your decision-making approach and substantially decrease the purchasing cycle. Your supplier should be there to direct you through the course and help you in your determination. Recognize that an exemplary supplier has your best interests at heart and won’t attempt to market you things you don’t require. Look for suppliers you can trust that are genuine in their approach; it will make your life a lot simpler now, and every time you need their help in the future. Contact us today for medical laboratory supplies.