Five Tips for Enhancing Your Medical Supply Chain

At Biosafe Supplies, LLC, we enable the very best medical & healthcare supply businesses to ensure that shipments arrive on time without damage. In addition, our medical transport logistics experts offer these tips on how to keep your healthcare supply chain running smoothly:

Critical or not?

It is better to inform your trucking company ahead of time when you need overnight, overseas, transnational, or standard ground shipping. If you delay until after your load has been picked up, odds are it won’t be feasible for your transport to modify to your critical transit period.

Prepare for Inspections

Customs heavily investigates medical supplies and pharmaceutical items. Therefore, it is essential to ensure your products do not require unique credentials, examinations, or permission before coming to customs. Give your trucking company the necessary documentation before crossing the border to guarantee the regulatory bodies have plenty of time to process the details.

Use Pallets and Crates Whenever Possible

Crating your freight is the most suitable way to guarantee it arrives without damage. However, if that is not feasible, make sure to seal and pallet your load to shield it. Remember that your shipments depart through numerous terminals and may be cross-docked on the way. Therefore, prepare your shipment for the long haul and double-check your transport’s damage-free rating. Most reliable medical transport services are 99% damage claim-free.

Regulatory Boundaries

When sending medical supplies, you need to abide by the laws. These restrictions are established around the packaging, ingredients list, the dangerous or hazardous character of the medical supplies, and the method of transportation. If you do not understand the regulatory limitations of your products, it’s best to talk with your customs agent.

Inspect your Freight upon Arrival

Comprehensively examine your cargo when it reaches its destination! Make sure that the driver stays for you to check the load and sign the proof of delivery. Don’t allow the driver to rush you because it is imperative that if any damage transpired during transport, you document them on your delivery receipt. If you do not mention anything on the proof of delivery, you will likely be unable to introduce a claim for the damaged product.

These are a few tips for keeping your medical supply chain operating smoothly. There are additional options if you do not want the added responsibility of independently managing your medical supply chain. For example, you can outsource your medical transport logistics to an industry professional like Biosafe Supplies, LLC. Starting with the receiving procedure all the way to the verification of shipment, we maintain a professional and favorably regulated environment. Our warehouse is equipped for shipping by major couriers to make use of all approaches to optimizing delivery metrics to confirm the most efficient standards of delivery.

We are also qualified for assembly, kitting, and crafting personalized messages with parcels, supplying specialized inserts, customizing your packing slips, and deploying creative packaging solutions. Let us assist you in creating your brand and be your comprehensive solution provider for warehousing, packaging, and distribution.