Four Tips for Safely Shipping Medical Equipment

There are several ways you can safely send your medical supplies. There is plenty you can do from planning to ensure the medical equipment comes safe and sound and considering customs regulations if you ship medical equipment to another nation to financing in permanent packaging to reuse continuously. In addition to safely sending your medical equipment, you can conserve money on your package delivery with sites like, which allow you to compare the price of multiple couriers to find the most reasonable one based on price and quickness. Our experts on medical shipping services offer these tips on how to ship your medical equipment safely:

Plan ahead

To safely dispatch your medical supplies, you must plan well. To guarantee your medical supplies arrive safe and sound, you must understand the protocols of medical establishments before delivering your shipment. This way, you use packaging for your medical equipment accurately to match the conditions required for delivery. Likewise, if you plan to ship your medical equipment abroad, you must also consider customs requirements to assure the safe and successful delivery of your goods. Packages failing to observe these provisions may be postponed or recalled. In many cases, you pay the penalty for the inconvenience.

Be aware of the environment

Before shipping your medical supplies, you need to be aware of the type of environment it is being sent to for maximum convenience. For example, to ensure your medical supplies are cautiously opened, make it as simple as possible to open without placing the supplies at risk during transit. For instance, reusable crates are often far more cumbersome than corrugated containers but supply much more suitable protection. Similarly, if the medical supplies you are shipping are weighty, ensure that you can deliver the necessary ramps and supports at the location required to assure it isn’t mismanaged and can be utilized almost immediately. Nevertheless, it is up to you to decide what kind of security your medical supplies need.

Permanent packaging

We recommend using permanent packaging to remain cost-effective when sending your medical supplies. ATA cases, for instance, can be utilized multiple times and deliver the ultimate security for medical equipment so you can ensure that your goods come intact and prepared for use. You won’t need to pay additional fees, and you can bypass the perils of using poorly assembled cases.

Track your medical supplies

We suggest tracking your medical equipment using a special delivery service to guarantee your medical supplies arrive safe and secure. This way, you can pay close attention to the whereabouts of your medical supplies at any given time. In addition, for maximum peace of mind, we strongly advise obtaining damage protection coverage for reimbursement if your medical equipment gets damaged in shipping, lost, or sometimes stolen. While it is unlikely that your medical supplies will go missing, it is much better to be safe than sorry!

There are various ways to ship your medical supplies safely. From tracking it throughout the transit process to awareness of the circumstances you send the medical supplies to so they can be packaged and opened in the securest manner possible, we strongly recommend doing everything possible to safeguard your medical supplies.

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