Six Tips to Safely Ship Medical Supplies

Are you worried about shipping medical supplies safely? When you ship medical supplies, you need to take the proper precautionary measures to stay safe. If you skip these steps, supplies can be damaged and may be no longer suitable for their intended purpose. Our quality medical shipping services, we understand the proper practices required to deliver supplies with extreme care, especially because syringes and glass-based medicine are very difficult to deliver safely. To solve your problems with delivery of medical supplies, make sure you take these precautions.

Plan Ahead

If your company wants to ship medical supplies, you should plan it first. Necessary protocols should be followed before delivering medical equipment. For example, packaging material should be padded and cushioned enough to safely deliver glass equipment safely. If your company wants to ship this equipment abroad, it must ensure safety, which is also the customer’s top priority. If you failed to follow protocols, then you could be handed a fine for this mistake.

Use A Variety of Packing Materials

There is not only one packaging material available for delivery of medical equipment. Different materials need different types of packaging material. The packaging material used for pills and liquid products does not need the same care that should be in syringes and glass items. You may need to use corrugated containers, which provide more padded protection and can be used for delivering glass products.

Have Your Packaging Materials Thoroughly Tested.

It is very important to test your packaging material. For this purpose, your company should conduct comprehensive testing of products to fully understand how much weight, temperature, and other obstacles can be delivered with this packaging material.

Permanent Packaging

Permanent packaging material is also used to ship medical equipment. In ATA cases, medical equipment that requires more care, for example, permanent packaging should be used because they are stronger and provide ultimate protection. So, your company can deliver equipment in the same condition and it is ready to use.

Take Special Care with Overseas Shipments

For international shipping, you need to take extra care when shipping medical supplies. There are more hoops to jump through, such as paperwork, stamped crates etc. Make sure that your company stays updated on these requirements. You should also talk with the shipping service to take special care of this equipment.

Include Instructions for Proper Installation

If the medical equipment contains machines, then this equipment needs some time for setup. When you ship these types of equipment, be sure that you pack instructions into the box. This will ensure proper handling of equipment and prevent damages during the installation process.

Shipping medical equipment is very risky and needs care. It is essential to deliver them safely to protect your investments, but the patients also need them for their treatment or testing. Any accident could make you liable, so keep it in mind before shipping medical equipment.

When you want to work with a quality company that offers medical shipping services, contact Bio Safe Supplies to hear more about how we can help today!