How to Maintain Job Safety in Your Medical Facility or Lab

Working in the medical field requires many additional safety protocols and procedures that many other industries do not require. When you work in a hospital, medical lab, physician’s office, or health care center, you have to abide by many safety standards to protect both yourself and your patients. As a company that offer medical laboratory supplies, we understand the safety signs and standards required at your facility. These are just a few of the signs that you will see around your medical lab or center to help keep everyone safe.

PPE Signs

You may notice safety graphics around the lab to remind employees to wear their Personal Protective Equipment to perform certain tasks. You will see images of gloves, lab coats, safety goggles, breathing masks, and face shields in particular areas that present dangers to these areas of the body. When you notice these symbols, it is imperative to put on your PPE as a line of defense.

Food and Drink Prohibited

A no eating or drinking sign lets your employees know that they are unable to bring food and beverages into areas where hazardous materials, chemicals, and samples are being handled. It also prevents cross contamination that can tamper with the test results for your clients, which can lead to errors and diagnostic issues.

First Aid

In the event of an injury or emergency, your employees need to be able to quickly locate the first aid station inside your lab. This kit should be fully stocked and easily accessible. It should contain items recommended by the First Aid Kit Policy and Guidelines for Laboratories. By following their guidelines, you will prevent any potential liabilities in the event that an employee is injured in the workplace.

Biohazard Awareness

Labs contain many harmful chemicals, and these should all be appropriately labelled. Biohazards should contain the graphic to indicate the harmful effects of these supplies and chemicals. If a fridge or freezer contains these elements, you need to label the entire equipment with a biohazard sign to alert employees of proper handling techniques. This can prevent exposure and contamination from occurring, which can lead to severe health issues.

Hot Surfaces

Labs often require the heating of elements to fully conduct testing. These hot surfaces need to be labelled to indicate the hazard is present. This can prevent burns, skin irritations, and fire hazards. Lab workers should avoid touching these surfaces. If they come into contact with hot surfaces or materials, they will need to seek first aid immediately to minimize injury.

By having signs that indicate these workplace hazards in the medical lab or hospital, you can work to keep patients, lab technicians, and health care workers safe from harm’s way. If you are looking for quality medical laboratory supplies, you will want to work with Bio Safe Supplies. Contact us to hear about many of our safety products and supplies for your medical facility today.