PPE Supplies You Need to Stock Your Hospital

Personal protective equipment is very important in the healthcare business. Your hospital needs to be fully stocked with PPE at all times. During the covid-19 pandemic, everyone observed the importance of PPE. Hence, it is best always to be prepared for an emergency. As a company that focuses on healthcare supplies and medical laboratory supplies, we offer everything you need to stay safe in the medical field. These are some of the PPE supplies you should use to stock your hospital.

Hospital PPE Supplies

Hospitals must always be prepared to deal with emergencies. Running out of PPE could be catastrophic. PPE equipment should be readily stocked and available in your hospital, and this should include:

  • Clothing such as overalls
  • Respiratory protective equipment
  • Eye and face protection
  • Head protection
  • Hearing protective devices
  • Fall arrest harnesses
  • Skin protection
  • Protective footwear
  • Sun and heat protection
  • Disposable protective clothing

Respiratory Protective Equipment

Everyone witnessed the importance of respiratory protective equipment with covid-19. Airborne diseases are very dangerous since they can easily spread through the air. Facial masks protect against such diseases. Respirators that filter air before inhalation should be used in respiratory protection to protect healthcare workers from harmful or infectious aerosols. The most commonly used respirators in healthcare facilities are N95, N99, or N100 particulate masks.

Every hospital should stock respiratory protective equipment. Doctors and nurses can’t operate with proper facial covering. Hence, your hospital should include this PPE item in the inventory.

Eye Protection Wear

PPE supplies such as safety protection glasses allow healthcare staff to avoid risky exposure to infection. Doctors and nurses always wear eye protection when dealing with any surgery to mitigate risks. In several diseases, the viruses may spread when the subject touches their eyes. Moreover, several situations, such as burnt patients, require the healthcare staff to cover themselves, including their eyes, fully. This practice reduces the chances of infecting the exposed patient’s wounds.

Disposable Protective Clothing

Several countries and hospitals are promoting disposable PPE. This type of protective clothing is only used once. Then you can throw it away. It is bio-degradable or recycled, which is not an environmental risk. Hospitals should promote this PPE since they cost less and provide maximum protection.

Gowns and Aprons

Gowns are generally the preferred protective clothing, but aprons are sometimes used when limited contamination is expected. If hand contamination is expected, gowns should be selected. The dress should cover the torso completely, fit tightly to the body and have long sleeves close to the wrists.

Isolation gowns are made of cotton or synthetic material, which determines whether they can be washed and reused or must be discarded.

PPE is crucial for every hospital. Your hospital must always be prepared to deal with every emergency. The best way to ensure patients’ safety is by offering the healthcare staff the best protection you can offer. PPE ensures the safety of healthcare staff and patients and reduces the spread of any disease.

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