Supplies Needed to Ship Medical Equipment Safely

Are you prepared to safely transport your medical equipment? Do you have everything you need to make sure the shipping is smooth? Not all safety precautions are the responsibility of the company hired to move sensitive equipment. In fact, there are many things you need to make sure you have to ensure your equipment arrives in the same condition it left in, as in the size, fragility, temperature, and environment. As experts in medical shipping services, we understand what it takes to ensure the safety of your medical devices during the transportation process. These are just a few supplies that you need to ship your medical equipment safely.

Shipping Containers

A good number of medical supplies, and some equipment, can be shipped by normal means of cardboard boxes and other normal supplies. That being said, many types of medical equipment is extremely delicate. These items require special shipping containers for safe travel. Some even needed customized cases with cushioning. Make sure that you evaluate all of the equipment you are shipping to properly pack each piece.

Many of the customized containers serve more than just the purpose of absorbing bumps and shaking. There are many pieces of equipment that require protection from temperature changes. Other pieces need to have special shock protection, as well as abrasion and vibration.

On a side note, many plastic containers are actually ideal for shipping some medical equipment. A lot of them seal tight and can accommodate cushioning. While some may seem large or bulky, for bigger pieces of medical equipment, they may be perfect.


When you are packing what equipment and supplies you can in boxes, make sure you have plenty of appropriate cushioning. Bubble wrap and newspaper might not protect what you have to ship. There is some packaging cushion for medical equipment that is vapor locked. These types of cushioning are ideal for sensitive equipment. They will prevent moisture and supply protection.


Okay, while it may not seem like a ‘supply’, you will want to get insurance. When preparing for the shipping of medical equipment, it is essential that you have the correct insurance. No matter what. All of the preparations in the world cannot account for the unknown. There will always be risk, accidents, and danger. It probably doesn’t have to be said, but medical equipment is not cheap. If you neglect to get the proper insurance, you could greatly suffer for it. As they say; It is better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.

Some of your equipment will have to be disassembled to package and ship. The best way to prepare to move any medical equipment is to plan appropriately. Always take into consideration the size, shape, weight, and fragility of what you are shipping. If you are looking for quality medical shipping services, contact BioSafe Supplies to hear about our services today!