Why to Trust BioSafe Supplies LLC with Your Specimen Transport Needs

Are you looking to partner with a company that offers quality specimen transport for your medical facility? Transporting your specimen samples safely is a priority for your business, as it allows you to offer patients the utmost care, fastest turnaround times for diagnosis, and reliable results. As a company that provides quality medical shipping services to help your business thrive. These are a few reasons to trust us with your specimen transport needs.

Save Money

When you choose us for your lab needs, you can actually save money. In fact, our customers save between 25% and 50% on their shipping logistic costs. The costs of opening your own shipping warehouse can be extremely high, and your business may not be able to support that model. Working with us allows you to get the same high-quality shipping services without any of the cost.

Gain Efficient Shipping Methods

When you choose us, we will choose the most reliable and cost-effective method to ship your products and supplies. We are equipped to ship with every major delivery carrier to optimize the delivery metrics and provide you with many different choices that match your needs and budget. If you need overnighting services, we can handle that. If you need air transport, we can manage that too.

Highly Controlled Warehouse

When you are shipping medical specimens or supplies, you need to take extra care to ensure quality assurance and cross-contamination. Our warehouse is highly controlled, which minimizes any risks to your packages. You can trust that your packages are in great hands when you choose to work with us.


We will ensure that your specimens arrive safely at their destination, but we also perform many other tasks to assist in the logistics of shipping. We are equipped to perform assembly, kitting, and preparing any personalization of your packages. This allows you to add your customized touches to the mail before it is sent, which is a goal of many facilities looking to further their marketing efforts or provide necessary information.

Simple Billing

No one likes complicated financials. When you operate a business, you want to get your invoices, easily understand what is being stated, pay it, and move forward. We offer simple billing to accommodate everyone, from the parties who receive shipments to the parties sending. In fact, many prefer to work with us because we are the middleman in between two parties, and no one else wants to take on that role but us.

When you need someone to handle your shipping logistics, trust BioSafe Supplies LLC with everything from warehousing, packaging, and distribution. To learn more about our medical shipping services, contact us today!