Add Items

Step by Step

1.) Hover over + New on the top bar and select product.

Note: It’s best to create the product as you scroll down the page.

2.) Enter the products name

3.) On the right sidebar, under “Product Categories”, select the category that applies to this product
(EX. Transport and Safety)

4.) Scroll down to “Product Data” in the center of the page and click “Simple Product”. There are two product types you can chose from. This depends on if the product has packaging options or not.

Simple Product

A simple product is an item sold individually, with one SKU and one packaging option, for a set price. 

Variable Product

A variable product is an item that has multiple packaging options, prices and SKUs.

5.) Follow these steps depending on which type of product you’re adding

Simple Product

a.) Add the price of the item in the “Regular Price” box.

b.) On the left, select “Inventory” and place the SKU in the “SKU” box

Variable Product

a.) On the left, select “attributes”. Under “Custom Product Attribute, select “Packaging” and click “Add”.

b.) On the right, select “Add New” and type in the first packaging option (EX: 500/Case), and click “OK”.

Repeat step B for as many packaging options there are.

c.) Once all options are added, check the box “Use for variations”, and click “Save attributes”.

d.) On the left, click “Variations”. Select “Add Variations, and choose “Create variations from all attributes”, then click “Go” and then “OK”.

e.) Hover over the packaging option created and click it. From there, enter the SKU and price.

Repeat Step E for each packaging option.

Once each packaging option is complete, click “Save Changes” on the bottom.

6.) On the right, select “Set product image” under the “Product Image” box. You can drag/drop and upload the image for this item. Once uploaded, select that image and click “Set product Image”.

7.) Scroll down and enter the product description in the “Short Description” box.


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