Popular Tests Performed in Medical Testing Laboratories

Have you ever wondered what goes on in medical lab facilities when they receive your samples from your doctor? Many doctors send their testing to a medical lab that offers a specialized service to provide diagnostic information based on your test results. They have lab technicians, medical specialists, and premiere laboratory supplies in Orlando that […]

How Our Company Can Help Save You Money

At BioSafe Supplies, we pride ourselves on working with business owners like you to maximize your business efficiency and save you money. We can help you by saving you money on supplies, and handling all of your fulfillment orders to your customers. Physician-Owned, Hospital, and Independent Lab Supplies Special Pricing We offer supplies for different […]


Background The federal self-referral prohibition (42 USC 1395nn), commonly called the “Stark law,” is one of numerous fraud and abuse laws that apply to physicians and limits the type of business relationships into which physicians can enter. The Stark law gets its short-form name from the law’s chief sponsor, U.S. Rep. Fortney (Pete) Stark, Jr., […]

Great News For People Who Suffer From Parkinson’s Disease

On October 1, 2019, Parkinson’s Foundation will offer Genetic Testing for Parkinson’s Patients.  The Parkinson’s Foundation has launched PD GENEration: Mapping the Future of Parkinson’s Disease, the first-ever national initiative to offer free genetic testing and counseling to patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD). PD GENEration will identify patients with genetic mutations in clinically relevant Parkinson’s-related […]

Top 10 Tips for Successful Lab Design

Successful laboratories are the result of extensive planning, collaboration, and coordination between the design team and all impacted stakeholders. Even the smallest detail, performed incorrectly, can have a detrimental impact on lab function and safety – so getting these spaces right for the scientists working in them is critical. 1. Involve all stakeholders in your […]

How Dimensional Weight and Protective Packaging Costs Impact E-Commerce

How Dimensional Weight and Protective Packaging Costs Impact E-Commerce Keeping a logistics budget on a plan in an e-commerce world can be a complicated task.  It requires on-demand forecasting and real-time accounting for changes in fulfillment related expenses and customer expectations.  The recent change in dimensional weight charges is a prime example of a circumstance […]

Our Strong Partnerships Saves our Customer Money

Strong partnerships with both supplier and laboratory distributors ensure that we continuously provide our customers’ savings. Regular communication with our clients allows to know and understand our customers’ needs.   Based on this information we make meaningful national connections within the laboratory industry which in turn our clients benefit from. “right-size” most physician practices are forced […]


Third-party logistics companies are designed to help make other businesses more efficient, effective, and profitable. They manage inventory, handle picking and packing, and ship products from one location to another as quickly as possible. Medical In the medical industry, lives are literally on the line when it comes to devices and samples moving from one […]

How cost effective and intelligent is Your Shipping?

Sophisticated Fulfillment Providers have logic-based technology that lowers shipping costs by determining the optimal shipping carrier and method in order to accomplish the client’s goal, on a package-by-package level.  A Shipping Intelligence system applies logic to outbound orders so that you always use the right carrier and service based on a particular goal without paying […]