VACUETTE Innovation in Safety

Venipuncture is the process of accessing blood through directly puncturing veins. As medical laboratory scientists and practitioners, taking blood through the venous method is standard while conducting blood analysis. Greiner Bio-One has taken the standard for Venipuncture and raised the bar. The VACUETTE Safety Blood Collection Set by Greiner Bio-One International has set a new […]


Over 20 years ago BioSafe Supplies was established as a provider and manufacturer of Pathology Kits. Since it’s conception it has grown into a leader in the Laboratory Supply Industry now offering dozens of major product categories. We partnered with major suppliers in the Central Florida area offering wholesale pricing that we extend to you.  […]

How to safely pakage blood samples for shipping

Shipping blood tubes is a convenient and cost effective way to transport your samples to the laboratory. However, there can be issues if they are not packaged correctly. Hemolyzed blood and blood tube breakage are two of the most common problems that many laboratories have to deal with. Not only is having to re-draw costly, […]