Physician Office Lab & Hospital Lab Supplies

Lab results are the most important, but they alone won’t cut it. Profitability
matters. Cost savings matter. Compliance, accuracy and efficiency all matter as
well. We can help you navigate through this complex terrain.

Once you decided to offer in-office laboratory testing, the next challenge is to
determine which tests to offer. Here are few examples below:

General screening

1. Glucose
2. Urinalysis
3. Lipids
4. CMP
5. BMP
6. Hemoglobin

Risk-based screening

1. Glucose
2. Pediatric lead testing
3. Fecal for patients over 50
4. Lipid screening
5. Medicare preventative services (CMS)
7. PT/INR for patients on anticoagulant therapy
8. Complete blood count for anemia and infection

Follow-up screening

1. PT/INR for anticoagulant therapy
2. Lipids/glucose/ ATL and AST
3. Diabetic follow-up

Acute onset symptom disorder testing

1. CBC for anemia, appendicitis, infection
2. Amylase for GI pain
3. Influenza
4. Group A strep
5. RSV for respiratory
6. GI pain
7. Urinalysis for dehydration
8. Glucose for ketone breath, disorientation

With limited storage at a physician’s office and point-of-care testing we provide
our clients efficiencies and cost savings solutions. Biosafe Supplies will create
individualized fulfillment plan, offer discounted freight rates and storage.